Queendom Ink


Queendom Ink is a production, media and marketing solutions company with a diverse portfolio with strategic entrepreneurial plan development. We believe that the power of an experienced team can make a huge impact in the development of a successful business and marketing campaign.

Our business services create optimal solutions for industry businesses and professionals. Our focus is to assist individuals and business with the opportunity to expand business relationships and development. The root of our services is to target those business components which help to bring the most direct financial growth. We address the need for small businesses to cultivate a big presence in the industry.

QDM, LLC has a collective repertoire of industry experience that stems from over 35 years of fashion event production, agency and model management, industry consultation, marketing and business development, film and media production, customer service, public relations, publishing and writing as well as travel concierge services. Our company’s goal is to provide elite products and services while supporting humanitarian mission. We encourage our clients to do the same. Our philanthropic spirit and business development allows us to be a crowning symbol of “Hope” to many profitable companies and nonprofit organizations.

As we focus on our industry, QDM, LLC believes that by “Uniting Women/Cultures” through the “Power of Fabric and Fashion” and by addressing the issues that we share behind the fabric and behind fashion, we can build a nation of men and women that are destined to the “Throne of Excellence & Success“.