What They Do

Our Subcontracted Group Sales Ambassadors (SGSA) is the motivating force of this monumental fashion affair. SGSA have the unique opportunity to market this upscale event to potential participants with the goal of receiving a lucrative compensation.

SGSA promote the TFC brand, products and services by interacting with customers, sales prospects, business partners and their affiliates and general public. SGSA become cruise marketing representatives and customer relationship managers. The objective of the SGSA position is to provide information about The Fashion Cruise, product or service, generate sales opportunities and build consumer preference of a brand name.

As a SGSA, you will answer questions for the purpose of generating public interest in the TFC brand, product or service. SGSA assist brand managers with the implementation of sales and marketing campaigns and provide feedback on sales opportunities in the marketplace. Our SGSA directly interact with consumers and provide information about the TFC products or services being offered. As a SGSA, you will contribute to the company’s market efforts to drive consumer demand and participation interest of the TFC.


Compensation as a Subcontracted Group Sales Ambassadors (SGSA) includes the following:

  • After completing referrals and sales of 16 cruise cabins, SGSA will receive free double occupancy accommodations and access to all scheduled events.
  • For every cabin sold thereafter (beyond 16), the SGSA will receive 4% of every sale and booked cabin.
  • Should the SGSA also own a business or provide entrepreneurial services, the SGSA will also receive a free advertisement within The Fashion Cruise Program Magazine.
  • Spotlight interview and commercial highlights on Fashion Travel Glamor online Radio Show.
  • Highlight of business on “Let’s Talk” talk show that airs nationally on Specialist TV Comcast Channel 26.

Interested in becoming a Subcontracted Group Sales Ambassadors? We’d love to have you join our team. Complete the request for more details.

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