®Miami Fashion Cruise/Fashion Resort Week to Islands of the World Fashion Showcase

We take this opportunity to welcome the Fashion Cruise Brand on board as you prepare for your premiere launch of the Miami Fashion Cruise (“MFC”) /Fashion Resort Week and joining forces with the award- winning Islands of the World Fashion Showcase (“IWFS”) for an exciting, exclusive presentation during the ship’s docking in Nassau, Bahamas on Saturday, 8th November 2014.

The sixth edition of IWFS is scheduled for the 6th The Showcase typically features up to twenty designers originating from islands around the globe and special internationally-renowned guest designers. The special segment runway presentation being organized jointly for participants of the MFC will combine some of the exquisite and exotic creations of designers from the islands and the cruise, as well as blend the artistic and cultural talent of The Bahamas. It will offer all participants a memorable experience, exposure for the designers to a new and interesting market, and the unparalleled opportunity to network with significant players in the trade and media sectors. – 8th November 2014 at various venues around Nassau, Bahamas.

We are confident that this joint venture will be unique in both its concept and execution, and will certainly be a trendsetter in the global fashion industry. We look forward to working with Fashion Cruise Brand in the production of this special segment event, The Miami Fashion Cruise/Fashion Resort Week to Islands of the World Fashion Showcase.

Yours sincerely,

Owen S-M. Bethel President